"The Style Outlets" Enlargement

Vila do Conde, Portugal

General Info

Area: 20.737m2
Client: Henup - Investimentos, SA
Architecture: SuaKay Arquitectos



Expansion of the Factory commercial building, included in Nassica commercial complex . It has an area of about 20700 m2, distributed by areas of shops, circulation, mall, food-court and technical compartments. 

The building is made with a steel structure with some structural elements in reinforced concrete (nucleus and ladders). The roof structure of the commercial area is composed by metal porticos that support a "Deck" type roof or mixed slab types in the areas defined as techniques for equipment installation, particularly the ventilation of the space. Besides the portico areas, there will be constructed metal trusses of roof support in the corridor area of the commercial space. Regardless the roof type, the structural solution is composed by porticos or trusses away from each other 8.0m with 16m span that support the roof whose distance is 2.0m.

It was planned for the Mall areas and the food court of the commercial centre ventilation, heating and cooling environment. The air treatment units have been selected with the emphasis on energy efficiency, energy recovery and innocuity to the environment, but also with a perspective of simplicity of their use and maintenance, and optimization of the ratio of initial investment / operating costs. This way they were considered autonomous air conditioning units of direct expansion, the type of roof-top, in version of heat pump with air condensation, and with energy recovery in air exhaustion. 

Generically, a control system, based on microprocessors (DDC units) is planned and it will be integrated in the global system of Technical Centralized Management of the building. The functions relating to the monitoring of external conditions and comfort, the records of power consumption, with a view to assess the energy efficiency of the plant are, after appropriate system programming, provided in accordance with existing energy legislation.

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