Coimbra, Portugal


General Info

Area: 30.000m2
Client: Omala, SA
Architecture: -



The Coimbra shopping centre is built just outside the city of Coimbra. It covers an area of approximately 30.000sqm. 

Different types of structural solution were used in different zones. 

The slabs of the shopping centre central floor are made of in situ reinforced concrete. The roof is divided into two distinct zones: one that works as a roof and one that serves as an uncovered car park. In areas where the slab works only as a roof the high spans have steel beams. In areas where parking was provided it was foreseen a slab with the use of prefabricated panels spanning 10m. The contractor prepared an alternative scheme for this roof area, which was checked and approved by afa. This alternative was an in situ concrete slab with non adherent prestressing. 

Later, afa elaborated a structural design for new mezzanines which were constructed in pre-cast concrete.

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