SOPORCEL Paper Machine 1 (PM1)

Figueira da Foz, Portugal

SOPORCEL Paper Machine 1 (PM1)

General Info

Area: 70.000m2
Client: Portucel – Empresa Produtora de Pasta e Papel, S.A.
Architecture: Jaakko Poyry



Soporcel is the major paper producer in the Iberian Peninsula. The photomontage shows their new factory alongside the old one. The new factory, in Figueira da Foz, is now built and operational.

This enormous new facility, over 300 metres long, is built around the paper manufacturing machinery designed, made and installed by the Finnish company Jaakko Pöyry. The new factory produces 730 thousand tons of paper each year.
The structural work was divided between three Portuguese consultants of whom one was afassociados.

Besides designing the structural steel superstructures for the enclosing envelope, numerous steel structures were required to support machines, pipes and other pieces of the plant. Some of the machines, such as the paper rewinders, required dynamic analysis of the support structure and the foundations.

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