Furnas, Azores

General Info

Area: 119.000m2
Client: Secretaria Regional do Ambiente dos Açores
Architecture: Aires MAteus & Associados, Lda



The Lagoon Banks Requalification Project is inserted in a conjunction of actions that the Regional Secretary of the Environment and Sea pretends to implement in the ambit of the strategic Ordering Plan of the Hydrographical Basin of the Furnas Lagoon (POBHF). 

The envisioned intervention considers the implementation, the urban sketch, the construction of a concentration of structures and equipment zones, for recreational use, and to support the utilization of the water, the banks and the respective landscape. 

The Regional Government of the Azores wants to guide all its efforts towards the valorisation and ambient requalification (namely the water quality) of the area. 

In order to achieve these objectives, the project is guided towards the global treatment of the perimeter of the Lagoon banks, including the following interventions:
-General treatment of the road network, making the profiles and the pavement characteristics adequate to the presented reality;
- Installation of the infrastructures in accordance with the necessities of the new equipments;
- Implementation of a drainage system that will contribute to the mass protection of the water in the aspects related with transport of the solid matter (phosphorus and nitrogen/azotes), which have contributed along the years for the degradation of the lagoon; 
- Landscape treatment.

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