VODAFONE Headquarters

Lisbon, Portugal

General Info

Area: 66.856 m2
Client: VODAFONE, S.A.
Architecture: A. Burmester Arquitectos associados, Lda



The headquarters building, designed by architect Alexandre Burmester, for the telecommunications company Vodafone has impressive dimensions. The building is basically rectangular in plan with overall dimensions of 103 and 130 meters. There are four basement levels over the whole area. Above ground level there are eight levels of building on three sides of the plan. The ground level between these buildings forms an internal Square which is closed on the fourth side by a “white wall”.

Apart from the usual challenges, for an engineer, of a large building, this project has three special “features”: the absence of joints in the structure, the construction of a “building” that spanned 53m across the Square - the “administration bridge” - and the construction of the enormous closing wall in visible white reinforced concrete – the “white wall”.

The mechanical services installation had a similar “grand” scale. Areas of sensitive computer equipment have “close control” systems and innovative “chilled” ceilings were used extensively.


S Vod 2
S Vod 1

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