"Porto Seguro" Headquarters

São Paulo, Brasil

General Info

Area: 7.125m2
Client: Porto Seguro Companhia de Seguros Gerais
Architecture: Andrade Morettin Arquitectos



Porto Seguro New Headquarters at Avenida Rio Branco, São Paulo, Brasil. It was created various interfaces between the new building and two existing neighbors buildings (Ed. Rio Branco and Ed. Guaianases).

The new building will be built in a rectangular site with about 46 m by 32 m where there is currently a gas station. The building will have 3 undergtound floore for parking use, and the ground floor has an indoor garden with 19 m x 13 m, approximately. Raised floors - mezzanine, 1 to 4 floors and roof -  are also rectangular plant of approximately 44 m by 24m, with a hollow inside, allowing eye contact with the landscaped central atrium throughout the building height.

Interventions are planned for interfaces between the new building and the existing ones (new circulations of people, vehicles and equipment relocation).

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