Expansion of the German School of Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

Expansion of the German School of Lisbon
Expansion of the German School of Lisbon
Expansion of the German School of Lisbon
Expansion of the German School of Lisbon

General Info

Area: 4.500m2
Client: Association of the German School of Lisbon
Architecture: jlcg arquitectos, Lda



Afassociados was responsible for the elaboration of all engineering projects of deep re-modulation and enlargement of the German School of Lisbon. This project was of long duration, having initiated with the conceptions of integrated solutions that made possible the phasing of the construction and the discussion of technical and cost aspects with the public German entities, responsible for the finance, where a project of a vast complexity and of diverse characteristics was born.

Along with the substitution/verification of the existing infrastructure network of the buildings, the project predicted the construction of a main gate and two new buildings – a primary school with approximately 100m in length in two floors, and a Gymnasium with about 45m x 25m (with the changing rooms and supporting areas partially in basement).

The structural solution of each of the buildings is naturally diverse – in the Primary School and the Main Gate with the almost exclusive usage of concrete (bulky slabs supported directly by pillars and walls), and the Gymnasium with a mixed concrete slab, in order to take advantage of the architectonical ‘exposed concrete’ of the façades of the inner walls.

We must emphasize and highlight the usage of ‘white concrete’ in the longitudinal southern wall in the primary school that had rigorous specifications for its execution, along with the careful and meticulous study of the retraction action and thermal variations – this being due to the detail, or due to the demand of the phased concreting (reducing the noxious effect of the retraction during the healing phase). 

The different projects for the different areas of expertise have as a fundamental condition the presumption of the normal functioning of the school during the various phases of the construction, with enlargements in the technical zones and the main distribution networks. 

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